September 5th, 2014

A small thought about gravity.

Reading BBC Focus (July's issue), I suddenly found out an astonishing thing about gravity. To be honest, I was really surprised, because an underlying base was not something novel to me at all, but a consequence was.

Well, I will rewrite an John Gribbin's idea in my own words. Consider a star, contaning the tremendous count of particles. If they spread out to infinite distance, then their overall gravitational energy would be zero, because gravitational energy of two particles is proportional to 1 divided by the square of the distance between them. As all distances would be equal to infinity, gravitational energy of interaction between all particles would be equal to zero. But if these particles fell together in the proposed center of the star, kinetic and heat energy would be unleashed from gravitational interaction.

What does this magic mean? Being started out with null, the very gravitational field ended up with less than null energy! What is more, if the particles would be placed into one point, all released according to the prominent Einstein's equation mass-energy would be exactly equal to the energy of the negative gravitational field! That is the point where scientists now think our university began its life.